Our Services

We provide a wide range of services...

Services include:

  • LV & HV jointing upto & including 33kv
  • Domestic House Connections
  • Street & highway lighting maintenance and repair
  • Excavation
  • Cable laying & installation
  • Re-instatement
  • Cable tray installation & management
  • Industrial electrical works
  • Project management

Solutions for House Builders & Property Developers

NDS Ltd is an established company within the UK power and contestable market. We have experience of cable installation, jointing and civil works.

We have experience in undertaking projects from low voltage up to 33kv, and are accredited under the Lloyds NERS Registration Scheme.

Contestable Connections

NDS Ltd understand what is required to undertake contestable connections. We manage the interface, task and testing, all to the local network operators requirements and specification.

There are two categories involved in providing new connections -

Contestable Works

In addition to the host network provider, NDS ltd as an accredited Independent Connection Provider (I.C.P.) can carry out all contestable works.

Non Contestable Works

These works are undertaken by the host network provider, NDS Ltd can manage these works on your behalf from planning through to final completion. This work is incorporated in our quotation.

As an approved I.C.P. we can:

  • Design for the network extension and any contestable work of the existing network
  • Supply of equipment and materials if required
  • Trench work / civil work
  • Construction of the network extension
  • Recording of the work done, identifying location of cable routes
  • Reinstatement - if required
  • Allowing for the installation of metering equipment
  • Legal consents